Tile Floor Strip and Wax

The frequency of waxing your tile floors varies and is dependent on the amount and type of traffic that your floor receives.
Usually, your commercial tile floor should be waxed no more than every 6 months (Top Coat), and no less often than ever 24 months. For most floors, a full strip and wax ever 12-18 months is sufficient.
Regular care of your floor is important to maintain the quality of the floor, and to protect the tile from wear and tear. Our floor maintenance plans are perfect for taking care of commercial tile.

We’ll setup a plan with you to keep your floors clean and shined with our scrub and buff services. Then as our staff monitors your floor, we can give you an estimate on when the next full service of your floor is needed. This eliminates the issue of your floors looking awesome for the first few weeks or months, and then getting dull and dingy all over again, as we refresh them with a cleanwater scrub, and then buff with our high speed machines to keep everything in great shape. Call us today, and lets work together to make your floors amazing!

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